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1 in 4 Americans say they need more life insurance than they currently have    |   Suicide rates: 2020-190 / 2021-185 / 2022-181   |   Less than 2/3 of Americans actually have a life insurance policy    |   80% of consumers misjudge the price of life insurance. With millennials overestimating the cost by 213%   |   Line of Duty Death: 2020-436 / 2021-669 / 2022 - 229

2023 Insurance Barometer Study LIMRA/Life Happens

Specialized Guidance for Your Unique Needs 

Capital Edge is a financial firm that focuses on family protection and retirement planning for public safety professionals. As spouses and family members of law enforcement, we have a deeper understanding of your job, which drives our passion and devotion to providing invaluable guidance throughout your career.


Our Mission

We are passionately and purposefully committed to ensuring that our nation’s public safety families arrive at financial freedom and peace by providing culturally competent education on your benefits and retirement plans, guidance on how to best accomplish your financial goals, and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected and provided for, God forbid you don’t make it back home.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to provide the same quality of service to every public safety family throughout the country, as we have in our home state of California. For the past 11 years, our focus has been to remove the burden and stressors that comes with navigating finances, benefits, retirement and pension formulas in an already stressful career, so that you can focus on your families and growing within your agency.

How We Help

Do you know where everything – your accounts, investments, policies, etc. – is, and how much everything is worth? With our wealth management dashboard, you can now view everything you have in one convenient place. We’re passionate about bringing solutions like this to the table for our clients so they can have peace of mind that their financial world is in order and spend more time on the things they care about most.



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