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Accumulating Wealth

For first responders, financial planning is an important and necessary process. After taking the necessary steps to build a solid financial foundation, it is time to take the next steps to start planning for you and your family's future through the accumulation of wealth. Don't know where to start? This webinar features Senior Partner Crystal Kanada and she will discuss strategies to help you take your first steps to meet your financial goals so you can be best prepared for life's challenges and a comfortable retirement. You’ll learn: 

  • Simple tips to start the wealth accumulation process.
  • How to determine how much you should save.
  • Strategies to help you and your family maintain a budget and live within your means.

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Blueprint for First Responder Financial Success

As a public safety professional, you have unique needs and face unique risks. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure your family is protected financially. While many first responders assume the department or the government will take care of them, long-term financial security requires you to take control. When was the last time you reviewed your financial health and established financial goals?   This webinar features Senior Partner Crystal Kanada and she will discuss how to develop a strong financial foundation to ensure your family is prepared as well as share tips to help you meet your financial and retirement preparation goals.

  • Key elements of a successful financial foundation.
  • How to calculate how much life insurance you need to support your family.
  • Common risks to the long-term financial security of first responders.
  • Tools to preserve your lifestyle and assets.

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Building a Solid Foundation

As a public safety professional, the unique risks you face require you to develop a plan to ensure your family is protected. How confident are you that your family will be financially secure in the event you are injured or killed in the line of duty?  This webinar features Senior Partner Crystal Kanada, along with Estate Planning Attorney Dianna Wilke and life insurance specialist Michael Moises, to share the necessary first steps to create a strong financial foundation.

  • The various types of life insurance and how to determine which type is right for you.
  • How to determine how much life insurance is the right amount.
  • The importance of estate planning and will preparation.

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Pre-Retirement Planning

When you were first hired as a first responder, retirement was a distant thought. However, it is important to start planning early to ensure you are best prepared to meet your financial goals. For those nearing retirement, planning is even more critical. Public safety retirement can be a stressful event; waiting until the final months, weeks or days before your retirement date can create additional undue stress.  This webinar features Senior Partner Crystal Kanada and she will share important pre-retirement considerations – no matter where you’re at in your career – that will position you to enjoy your retirement. After all, you’ve earned it!

  • Why you need to “know your numbers”.
  • The role of estate planning and life insurance in your retirement strategy.
  • Important financial considerations based on your retirement age.
  • Retirement planning resources to assist you along the way.

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    The 2019 SECURE Act effectively eliminated the stretch IRA. Explore three alternatives to help preserve wealth and pass it to beneficiaries.

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